Saturday, March 17, 2012

Revlon - 480 Chic - Swatch

I'm not too keen on green so I apologize if I'm offending anyone out there by not wearing green today.  I actually kind of forgot it is St. Patrick's Day.  Oh well... I'm not much of a drinker anyways and I hope you do have a happy St. Patrick's Day! 

Well, back to important business, nail polish.

Revlon's 480 Chic is a dusty medium slate blue creme.  From far away it looks more grey, either way, close or from a far, it is truly beautiful and I am such a sucker for grey anything....  I am debating whether or not to wear this to work.  No one at work wears polishes like this, everyone else wears reds, pinks, nudes or purples.  I've worn grey and brown polishes to work and have received compliments on it...and Chic is not a bright blue, it is really understated, I think, and it doesn't look childish.  I just don't want to get hauled into my supervisor's office for something dumb like inappropriate nail polish.  HMMMM....????  To risk or not to risk?

Sorry for the ruddy photos. I don't know why I was so red that day, and my pictures came out a bit green again, so I color corrected them, but now my skin looks a bit darker and not normal.  At least the nail polish color looks right.  I used the top coat bottle so my camera would adjust the exposure so that the last photo would turn out a bit brighter, which it did. 

Also, I referenced the number 480, because I swear Revlon has another polish called chic but its not blue.  Chic is nicely pigmented, evens itself out, and a breeze to apply.  Two coats with China Glaze's base, and Revlon's quick dry top coat.  About $5.  Ulta, is where I got mine.



  1. that's too bad you're not a fan of green! i think you just have to find one that works for you (; its funny cause i always associate your blog with green cause 'relish' is a part of your blog title and it reminds me of the relish i love to put on my hot dogs! hhehe (: that's a really gorgeous color btw, i think all dusty colors are more work appropriate because they don't scream 'im bright and obnoxious, look at me!'

  2. I don't see anything wrong wearing it to work. it looks very tamed :)

  3. Thanks for the comment guys! I think I will wear this to work and see what happens...

    @Sneakerette: I love relish on hotdogs too, especially with just mustard!

  4. I have this one and I find it much more green.