Monday, February 13, 2012

Orly - Ma Cherie - I heart Paris!

Happy Valentine's day! 

I'm a little pressed for time, so I apologize if this manicure is not really creative.  Orly's Ma Cherie, (my darling in French), is a fantastic, blue based, medium, classic, red JELLY polish!  Super shiny and pretty durable.  As I write this, I'm on day two with no chips and very, very little tip wear. 

This polish is slightly transparent.  In person I can see my tips through the polish.  I had a hard time capturing the jelliness and the color, it still seems a teeny bit orange-y to me in the photos.  These photos are 2/3 a stop down, and is as close to true color as I could get.  Its pretty close. 

Well, it is gorgeous!  Ma Cherie is from the 2011 Holiday Soriee collection. 

I used Orly's nail defense base, two coats of Ma Cherie, and one coat of INM out the door top coat.

Since I wasn't very creative this year, I thought I would include some photos from my trip to France back in September of 2010.

Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris, France.

Senate building in the back, which used to be one of the palaces of the Medici family.


  1. what a great color! it reminds me of either tomato juice or a strawberry lollipop :D
    your pictures of paris are really pretty!!! did you visit the eiffel tower too? i visited paris back in 07, but i don't have any pictures to show for it because my brother deleted them all, not knowing what they were -____-

  2. Deleted all your photos!!! OMG! OMG!

  3. love the lipstick red!! and the garden looks pretty!

  4. i like how this red is not totally too dark! i love the bright and lively feel to it instead of those reds that to say...evil? lol

  5. so pretty! do you do your nails yourself always? im always afraid to do a red one because i always mess up! :D

  6. @ pop champagne: Thanks!

    @ Arrow: LOL! I know what you mean by evil, and I have a bunch of evil red polish. LOL! Yes I agree this one is nice and bright.

    @ Kumiko: I always do my own nails. I haven't been to a nail salon in about three years. If you mess up, which I do all the time, you just dip a paint brush in some pure acetone, dab it on a paper towel and then run the brush over your mistake to remove the extra paint. I plan on doing a tutorial soon.

  7. This is gorgeous on you Jenni! Such a rich juicy jelly. :)