Monday, February 20, 2012

Wet N Wild Spoiled - Toad-ally Amazing Swatch

My husband commented, "It looks like lettuce."

Hmmmm, what's that suppose to mean? 

Hubby says, "means I don't like it."

Oh well....

Wet N Wild's Toad-ally Amazing (WNW) (TA), a minty green, silver shimmer polish.  I actually kind of like it.  I was skeptical at first, like I am of all green polishes but this one is growing on me.  Its kind of fresh and new.

Good formula, two really easy coats with the super soft and fat WNW brush.  This one was rounded on both sides.  I could almost cover the entire nail bed with one stroke.  For the sides, I just turned the brush 90 degrees, so that it becomes narrow and painted the sides.

I used Lippmann's hydrating base, two coats of TA, and one coat of China Glaze fast forward top coat.

What are your thoughts?  Does it look like lettuce?


  1. LOL lettuce. such a shame that your husband doesn't like it, cause i sure do! it's a pretty color for spring! (:

    btw, did you manage to get some really crazy brushes in your Spoiled polishes?! i had the craziest one in the purple one i swatched last night! the bristles were so uneven that it was hard to get a clean shape. i turned it on its side too, so that it gave me something narrower to work with, but the bristles were a bunch of different lengths and omg @_____@ i really like the polishes i've tried out so far, but the brush is seriously killing me lol

  2. Yes, I did get some crazy brushes! Some are rounded some are straight cut, some are totally uneven... I took pictures of some of them. Papa-paparazzi and show me the money has pictures.

    I don't use much pressure and I'm only using the tip of the brush. Since they are so soft the brush really fans out and its a bit unwielding. So only a light touch is needed.

  3. really pretty color! and thanks for metting me know about Ahava, I've never heard about it until I received the hand cream sample, I shall check out their facial night cream upon your recommendation :)